TK Talkie is a DIY TK (Stormtrooper) voice effects project that you can build or buy that is easy to customize!

Where Can You Find TK-Talkie?

Who is using TK-Talkie? People from around the world are enjoying the TK-Talkie system!

This map is compiled from TK-Talkie doesn't even include DIY units...

If you have made a TK-Talkie, please drop us a line and let us know so that we can add you to the map!

Welcome to TKTalkie!

TKTalkie v3 has just been released and now the store is open!

You can now purchase your own TKTalkie or make it yourself. This website contains all the information you need in order to construct your own.

If you don't want to build one, you can buy one.

Latest News

New Sounds Download Page

The sound files and downloads have been moved to their own page so you can preview sounds before downloading.

Firmware Update 3.11 and Mobile App 1.12 Released!

Version 3.11 of the TK-Talkie firmware is out in conjunction with an updated mobile app and has some minor bug fixes and updates, including the ability to specify directories on the Sounds page so you can load sound files from different directories on the SD Card. You can also set the background loop to mute or continue running while you talk (previously it automatically muted.)

Visit the downloads page to get the latest mobile app for iOS/Android and the Firmware Update page for instructions on how to update your firmware.

Source Code Source code designed to run on the Teensy 3.2 and Teensy Audio Shield.
Version 3.0 Released!
Upgrade to Version 2 Some notes if you are upgrading from Version 1.x of the software to Version 2.
Tutorial and Parts List How to put it all together and some hints on customizations! UPDATED FOR V3.0!
TKTalkie Downloads STL files for cases and sound files for TKTalkie Forum Thread Forum posts