TK-Talkie Troubleshooting

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Please take a look to see if any of the topics listed here help with your issue. If not, please contact us so we can help you get it fixed!

My Microphone Is Not Working

99.99% of the time this is simply a microphone calibration issue. The TK-Talkie allows you to customize when your microphone turns on while you are talking and when it should turn off when you stop talking. This allows you to customize the microphone performance according to your specific needs (i.e. type of costume, fans in the helmet, etc.)

First, test and make sure the microphone works on something else. If it does, try the options below.

Watch this video on how to calibrate your microphone.

WAV Files Are Not Playing

Sound Effects Play Before I Stop Speaking

This usually means the "voice-off" setting is too high or the mic needs to be calibrated.

Watch this video on how to calibrate your microphone.

Sound Effects Do Not Play

Watch this video on how to calibrate your microphone.

There Is A Lot Of Static

Beeps While Startup Up or In Use

This indicates an issue with the SD Card:

Most likely causes are:

If you think your card may have become corrupted, use a utility like SD Card Formatter to reformat it. DO NOT use built-in system formatting tools as they are not made for SD cards.

My TK-Talkie Shuts Off After a Few Seconds

The Teensy board can only handle current up to 1 Amp, and will shut down to prevent damage if it receives more than that.

Some larger batteries put off 1.5 to 2 Amps (or more), which would cause this issue.

Also, some chargers (such as rapid-charge cell phone wall chargers) put off more than 1 Amp of current.

Check that your external battery or power supply is providing no more than 1 Amp of current. If you have verified your power source is providing no more than 1 Amp of current, there may be an issue with the board. Please contact us for support options.

NOTE: If your battery or charger says it is proving only 1 Amp of current and this still happens, there is a chance there are fluctuations in the current that could cause the automatic shutdown.