TK-Talkie Tutorials

TK-Talkie is a DIY voice effects project that is easy to build and easy to customize.

These tutorials are provided so that you can build a TK-Talkie for can even build them for your friends. The license that comes with TK-Talkie does prevent the sale of them, however.

If you would like to make these AND sell them...well you can't ;)

HOWEVER, if you would like to sell them, then you should join our affiliates program.

TK-Talkie is basically a two-part system consisting of the hardware and software. For this reason, hardware/software versions may not always run concurrent as the software and hardware can be modified separately from each other and still be compatible.

You can also purchase completed TK-Talkie kits in our store!

TK-Talkie v3 (Latest)

TK-Talkie v3 is the latest version and has a lot of updates, the biggest of which is the ability to be controlled remotely via BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) and a mobile app. This tutorial has been rewritten to show how to build the v3 from scratch.

Converting TK-Talkie From v2 to v3 (BLE)

This is the original tutorial that shows how to update a v2 TK-Talkie to v3 with BLE.

TK-Talkie v2

TK-Talkie v2 is the second generation of the original design but in a more compact format.

PTT (Push-To-Talk) Button

Learn how to make a PTT (Push-To-Talk) button and connect it to your TK-Talkie.

Configuring TK-Talkie Via Serial Interface

Learn how to customize and configure your TK-Talkie using a serial interface on your computer.

Control Glove

Learn how to make a Control Glove for use with the TK-Talkie. You'll also need to add the Control Glove Connections (see below.)

Adding Control Glove Connections

Learn how to add control glove connections to the TK-Talkie.