TK-Talkie Version 4

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TK-Talkie V4.20 offers some cool new additions including:

And of course all the great features of V3 are still there!

Ok, So What Can You Do With It?

Tired of just having sound files for your costume? Always wished you could actually speak and sound like the character?

Now you can recreate voices for those costumes including:

Of course you can still use the control glove to play sound files.

One Glove Just Isn't Enough...One Button Isn't Enough

Along with the Standard and Imperial models, we've introduced the Commander and Elite. The Commander and Elite come with 1 (Commander) or 2 (Elite) Control gloves!

But a button that does just one thing? That's a lazy button...

That's why each button can have TWO different functions! So one glove gives you up to 6 buttons total...two gloves gives you up to 12!

Sounds Great! Who All Can Upgrade?


No matter which version of TK-Talkie you have, you can update your firmware and mobile app and start enjoying all the new features right away!

But I Only Have One Button...

No you don't! You have TWO!

Even with just a single button you can program it to do two different things.

How Do I Get More Buttons?

If you ordered your TK-Talkie with the PTT option, look at the back of your TK-Talkie case. Depending upon the type of input jack that is there, you have two options.

(Click for larger image)

If your PTT jack looks like the above, then you are already wired up for 3 buttons! You'll simply need to order a control glove from the TK-Talkie store.

You can convert your V3 files here. You'll need to edit the CONFIG.TXT after converting and edit the "buttons" entry to look like the following:

     "buttons" : [2,3,4,0,0,0]

Previously the file was called SETTINGS.TXT. Just use the file converter, edit as described and save it to CONFIG.TXT on your SD card.

(Click for larger image)

If your PTT jack looks like the above, then you are wired for a single button. You can still use your PTT button to have two different functions (i.e. play two different sounds) or you can contact us about upgrading your device.

Download the App

Download the new TK-Talkie V2 companion app from either Google Play™ or the App Store™. Just search for TK-Talkie, or click a link below.

PLEASE NOTE: This version is for TK-Talkie 4 only.

Checkout the app page for more information.