Upgrade to Version 4

Version 4.x of the TK-Talkie firmware offers a lot of enhancements and also uses a new configuration file format.

The steps below will guide you through upgrading from V3.x to V4 of the firmware.

STEP 1: BACKUP your current configuration files on your SD!

You'll need to backup:

You can leave your sounds files, effects, etc. in their current folders.

STEP 2: Convert your configuration files.

SETTINGS.TXT is now called CONFIG.TXT. Visit the file converter page and copy and paste the contents of your SETTINGS.TXT file in the box and convert it.

Copy the new configuration to CONFIG.TXT on your SD card.

STEP 3: Convert your profiles.

Convert the files in the /profiles/ folder on your SD card the same way you converted the main configuration file by using the file converter page.

STEP 4: Get the new firmware

Visit the TK-Talkie Firmware page and grab the V4 firmware and follow the instructions on how to update your TK-Talkie.

STEP 5: Get the new app.

The new version of the TK-Talkie firmware requires V2 of the mobile app. It will not work with the V1 app (and vice versa the V3 firmware will not work with the V1 app.)

Checkout the app page for more information.